Advanced task creation

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  1. Go to the ‘Tasks’ tab, and click ‘New Task’

  2. You will be taken to the new task page

  3. You must select a ‘delegated team’ member, this is who will be responsible for completing the task

  4. You must select either select: (either or)

    • A ‘contact’ for the task, this is important for billing the correct contact

    • A ‘project’ for the task, which then links back to a contact

  5. Scroll to the ‘Labour & Deadlines’ section and input:

    • Time - You can pre-load time already spend on this task (or blank)

    • Quoted Time - You can enter the quoted time for the task - this will alert the delegated team member of the total time available on this task

    • Daily Date - This would be the date when this specific task shows up on the delegated team members list

    • Chargeout:

      1. Bill Task - Will bill the task time out to the contact (if not checked, then the task is being done ‘for free’ as such)

      2. Charge Quote - Will bill the quoted time regardless of actual time spent on task

    • Charge Out Rate - You can set what charge out will be billed per hour for this task. You can manage charge out rates under ‘Settings > Tasks & Charge Out > Manage Charge Out Rates’

  6. Scroll to the ‘Task Information’ section, then input:

    • ‘Task title’ for example:

      1. “Order new product for client”

      2. “Call client to book meeting”

      3. “Draw up initial house plans”

      4. This is the primary short description for the task

    • ‘Task Description’ - This can be a more detailed description of the task to help the delegated team member complete the task

    • ‘Priority’ - This is the urgency of the task

    • ‘Status’ - You can predefine the tasks status

  7. Scroll to ‘Date Settings & Notifications’ section, then input:

    • ‘Team contact’ - You can select who the delegated team member can further discuss the task with and/or get notified when the task is completed

  8. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Save’

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