Form System

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Managing Forms

Creating a new form

  1. Click on the left-hand menu, the ‘Forms’ tab

  2. Click ‘Manage’ from the dropdown

  3. Now click the ‘New Form’ button

  4. You will be taken to a new page to create your form

  5. There is some key information you can enter on the form:

    • Title

    • Description

  6. You can then press ‘Save’ to continue

  7. To see how you can manage ‘fields’ in your form, continue to the section ‘Managing Fields in a form’

Additionally there are other settings including:

  • Password Protect: Set a password so the form can only by those with the password

  • Reference Format: Allows you use the form field labels to reference what shows up on the submission index list

  • Email Sharing: Lets the form filler enter addresses to share the completed form with

  • Default Archive: You can set where the form files instantly once submitted

  • Enable Google Recaptcha: Used to help prevent spam submissions

Managing fields in a form

  1. Click on the left-hand menu, the ‘Forms’ tab

  2. Click ‘Manage’ from the dropdown

  3. Now click ‘Fields’ on the form you wish to manage fields on

  4. You will be shown a page similar to the right

  5. You can ‘quick-add’ a field into your form via the blue panel labelled ‘Quick Add New Field’

  6. Fill in the fields:

    • Input type: What is the field type - for example text, dropdown box, number or other option

    • Field Name: Define the name of the input such as ‘Phone’, ‘Name’, or ‘Where did you find us?’

    • Field Required: Yes / No - does the field have to be filled in

    • Width: What width does the field sit at on the form?

  7. Once complete, click “Save” to finish adding the field

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