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How to Send a Message

  1. Click on the left-hand menu, the ‘Messaging’ tab

  2. Click on the ‘Send Message’ sub-menu item

  3. You are now taken to the message setup screen

  4. The first box is the ‘message recipients’, in here you can type in the name of the contact or the group you want to send to

  1. Click the appropriate result, you will then see this populate within the recipients box

  2. Then scroll to the ‘Message / Template’ panel

  3. Firstly, select the suitable ‘Method’:

    • Email

    • Text Message / SMS

    • This determines how the message is delivered

    • Please note: No HTML or rich text is sent when text message / SMS is used

  4. Under ‘What would you like to do’, select the message composition you would like to use.

    • Custom Message: Allows you to manually write an email subject and message to send to the contact(s)

    • Other options will consist of the predefined email templates. These are setup under the ‘Messaging > Templates’ menu item 

  5. If you selected ‘Custom Message’, continue to step 10. If not, skip to step 13.

  6. Enter the ‘Message Subject’, this will appear in the email inbox heading for the customer

  7. Enter the ‘Message Body’, this is the main body of the email. You can use the rich-text editor to add various font styles. If you use ‘Text Message / SMS’ mode, there will be no rich-text editing due to SMS technology limitations

  8. Select whether you would like to use your default email signature, or not. You can edit your email signature design, via the ‘Users > Settings’ option in the menu. Note: If ‘No’ is selected, it’s recommended you sign-off your email with a name / business name

  9. Select the ‘Template to use’:

    • Normal: Uses the Zulu email template with your logo and contact details

    • Basic Text / Signature: Great for emails that you want to appear as a standard hand-written email

  10. Carefully check your email before sending!

  11. Press ‘Confirm & Send’

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