Subscription System

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Managing Subscriptions

Creating a subscription

Linking a contact to a subscription.

  1. Click on the left-hand menu, the ‘Subscriptions’ tab

  2. Click ‘New Subscription’ from the dropdown

  3. In the panel labeled ‘Main Details’, fill in:

    • Contact: Select the contact which the subscription is linked to

    • Status: Active / On Hold / Canceled

    • Renewal Generates:

      1. Nothing - 

      2. Sale - Creates a ‘sale’ for the due amount (most common option)

      3. Billable - Creates a ‘billable’ item for the due amount

    • Subscription template

      1. You can select a ‘template’ pre-made that the subscription connects to

      2. Templates automatically inherit the subscription renewal cycle, period and costs

      3. Select ‘Custom’ to manually set the subscription parameters

      4. Read the section regarding subscription templates for more information

    • Auto-renew: Default is checked, this auto renews / generates any sales / billables for the subscription when its renewal is due

  1. In the following panel ‘Subscription Setup’, enter:

    • Start Date: Enter the date the subscription starts. This will then instantly set the subscription period to start on the date selected, and renew / end on the start date plus the subscriptions renewal date.

If you’ve selected a ‘Subscription Template’ then simply click ‘Save’ to complete the process.

If you’re manually creating a subscription - continue...

  1. In the following panel ‘Item Information’ enter:

    • Link Product: You can optionally select an existing product loaded in Zulu

    • Name: 

    • Description: 

    • Price: 

    • Quantity: 

  2. In the final panel ‘Renewal Period’ enter: 

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